World Cup of Darts – day 4 evening session

The evening session in Frankfurt concluded a fantastic 4 days of darts at the Eissporthalle. England met Belgium, and the Netherlands played Scotland in the Semi finals before the final.

The night commenced with the meeting of Ronnie Huybrechts and Phil Taylor. The ‘Rebel’ beat Taylor in the European Championships in 2013 but couldn’t replicate that formidable performance. The match ended 4-3 to Taylor but the numbers did not tell the full story. Although the Belgian only managed to reach a 92 average he performed a 60% checkout rate hitting a scintillating 142 in the second leg to hold his throw. Huybrechts showed grit and determination to hold his throw on 3 occasions before Taylor’s starting advantage paid off in the seventh.

Adrian Lewis sent the Huybrechts brothers packing; he made hard work of the 4-2 triumph after holding a 3-0 advantage. The slow start from Huybrechts begs the question, ‘was he still being affected by the ill-fated clash with Paul Nicholson from earlier?’ Maybe, but he certainly seemed to have shook it off in the fourth leg with a cracking 180 and a 159 set-up to leave a painless checkout. Lewis just had to hold his throw in the fifth leg, but an act of escapology from Huybrechts handed him the chance to work his way back into the game. But Lewis was on hand to hit double tops to seal the match.

Result: England 2-0 Belgium

Michael Van Gerwen gave the Netherlands a slender advantage over Scotland by taking a 4-3 win over the Scotsman. Both played World class darts from beginning to end but MVG prevailed with his superior double hitting. Wright held his throw until the final decisive leg when Van Gerwen hit an 11-darter to nail a snakebite of his own.  With a 103 average in any other game Wright would have been victorious but he could do nothing to stop the Green machines astonishing average of nearly 107.

Anderson kept Scotland in the contest with a straightforward win against Raymond Van Barneveld. Uncharacteristically Barney couldn’t get his rhythm together and gifted Anderson 3 legs on his own throw. The flying Scotsman missed 10 darts at double in the third leg before hitting the madhouse double one. He went on to continue his domination with two 180’s and a 25% checkout percentage which could have been much higher but for his third leg disaster.

Gary Anderson could not do anything to stop a sensational England
Gary Anderson could not do anything to stop a sensational England

The darting decider was dominated by the Scottish duo, the pair collecting a majestic 4-1 victory. Van Barneveld never recovered from his shaky singles match against Anderson. Van Gerwen had numerous chances to break in the opening coupe of legs be at times seemed to rush his throw under the pressure. The Scots worked magnificently as a pair, putting the doubles on plates for each other to set up a date with the English.

 Scotland 2-1 Netherlands


The final

There was a change of format for the finale of this fascinating tournament as teams would now play first to 3 points with reverse singles matches being played necessary. Taylor trounced the undeserved Peter Wright in the opener with ‘The Power hitting a 113 average. Taylor took all four legs with some spectacular darts, perhaps the best he’s played this year. He concluded the game with an astonishing 130 checkout which even the showman Peter Wright could just stand and applaud.

Gary Anderson drew Scotland level with a dominant victory over Adrian Lewis. The flying Scotsman claimed the early advantage with a break of throw in the second leg to give him a two leg cushion. He soon made it three with his World Championship winning double 12. Lewis hit back with a fine leg including one of his three 180’s , before Anderson finished the content on his favoured double 20.

With the game being played in a fantastic spirit which was good to see after the shenanigans of earlier. All the legs went with throw as England moves to within one game of a World cup win. Team England hit a 103 average with high checkouts all over the place as Scotland weren’t able to break the England throw. The Scots produced a respectable 96 average and 50% checkout score but Taylor struck double 4 to hand the advantage to England.

Gary Anderson took the World Cup final to a decider with a 4-1 win over Phil Taylor. The turning point was in leg three as Anderson took out a 130 checkout to break ‘The Powers’ throw. Anderson reproduced the scintillating from that won him the Premier League earlier on in the month with a breathtaking 108 average. Both hit just a single 180 but there were uncountable 140’s.

2015 World Cup champions, England
2015 World Cup champions, England

So Peter Wright stepped up against Adrian Lewis for the world cup trophy and the £50, 000 that comes with it. It was an eerie atmosphere in the usually bouncing Eissporthalle, the crowd respecting every dart thrown by the pair. Lewis dealt with the pressure best early on with an 87 checkout to settle the butterflies. He would soon make it 2-0 after landing his second consecutive 14-darter. Wright was visibly stressed as he fell into a chasm of doubt and a 3-0 deficit. He regained some pride by gaining a leg before Lewis hit double 10 with the Scot Languishing behind on the 200’s to finalize the victory.

Result: England 3-2 Scotland










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