Wolfie in Grand Slam U-turn

Yesterday news broke that the former BDO world champion Martin Adams had accepted an invitation from the PDC to play in his years Grand Slam of Darts. Adams had previously been resolutely against the idea of the two corporations merging in specific tournaments, but him competing in this years tournament signals a change of heart.

 It is well reported that the PDC has a significant advantage over the BDO, which the standard, prize money and crowd’s all being incomparable with the BDO. This prompts players to switch to the limelight of the PDC; Alan Norris, James Wilson and Robbie Green are the latest to give in to the temptation. Dutchman Jan Dekker also took part in pro tour card qualifying but failed to make the cut. The threesome have now competed on the PDC circuit for over 6 months. This “doesn’t disappoint” BDO veteran Martin Adams, but he says that.  “If you’re going to do it, why didn’t you do it six months ago? Why leave it until after Lakeside, straight after Lakeside”. The £115,362 winnings of Scott Mitchell throughout 2014 and into his championship win of 2015 sounds like a mammoth amount, but compared to the winnings of comparative number one PDC player Michael Van Gerwen’s earnings, this is microscopic. The deluxe Dutchman has earned £878,100 in a year where he won the World Match play, Grand Prix, and The European Championship, am

Martin Adams will compete on a PDC stage for the first time
Martin Adams will compete on a PDC stage for the first time

ongst others. It’s not just Van Gerwen who has reached dizzy heights in terms of money. 23 other players have earned more in the PDC than BDO top man Scott Mitchell has in the year 2014. The final on this list in last years BDO champion Stephen Bunting is also adapting to life quickly in the PDC and even competed in this years Premier League. Adams said that. “The players do have a choice of where they want to play, I just don’t like the fact they use Lakeside as a springboard to do it”.

There is no doubt the PDC is currently overruling the BDO in terms of TV time, in fact the World Championship is the only broadcasted BDO event, whereas the PDC have a multitude of televised tournaments. ‘Wolfie’ has always maintained his reputation of being of the BDO’s loyal servants, but his decision to partake in this completion represents a change in attitude.

 Adams will be joined by newly crowned BDO champion, Scott Mitchell who has yet to set foot on a PDC stage. 55-year-old Martin Phillips will be playing in the Grand Slam for the first time since 2011 where he reached the quarter finals. The won the World Masters event with a 7-3 win over Jamie Hughes, Phillips is ranked number 3 in the BDO’s order of Merit. Making up the quartet is Dutchman Geert De Vos. He burst on to the scene in January by winning the World Darts Trophy in Manchester ad hasn’t looked back since. He has now climbed the rankings to reach the world number 22 and will be looking to leave an impact on some of the starts of the PDC.




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