Favourite Durrant crashes out!

Glen Durrant crashed out of the World Championship after Scott Waites repeated his electrifying comeback against Geert De Vos for the second time on the Lakeside stage.

Waites took the opening set with relative ease before Duzza struck back but was still to click into gear. glen durrantThe Middlesbrough man started to find his feet around 20 minutes into the match, and taking the lead for the first time. With Durrant gaining momentum, and his scoring steadily improving he began to turn to screw, doubling his advantage despite the Yorkshireman missing double 16 for the set. But back came Waites, a clean sweep in set five earned him a reprieve, a scintillating 122 checkout narrowing Durrant’s advantage. The relentless nature of the tussle continued as Durrant swiftly replied with an excellent set of his, much of the crowd thought this was the pivotal set, the dart the killed ‘Scotty to Hotty’ off.scott waites 2

With the match delicately poised at four sets to two, you felt Durrant had the impetus to go on and rightly claim his semi-final spot. With the World Master two legs up and within nine darts of the match, the final four spot was almost nailed on. But one thing we have learned over the years is to never count out Scott Waites. The 2013 champion was never going to go quietly after coming so far, getting a leg on the board was a welcomed reward. He would go on to snatch the set from under Glen’s nose and drag himself into a nail-biting dogfight.scott waites

Waites had the nerve and power to turn in another three legs and equalize the match and take Durrant to the final set. This is where the underdog’s experience played its part. A seemingly nervous Durrant faltered to leave the door ajar for the former Grand Slam champion. And once Waites had seen the opportunity he was never going to set it go, double 18 the shot to cause an unbelievable upset, and leave the Durant faithful with their heads in the hands.


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