Yozza powers on!

Jamie Hughes fulfilled his tournament objective by steamrolling Wesley Harms and reaching the Lakeside semi-finals. Yozza has said from the start that he is capable of reaching the final four and securing his place in next year’s tournament.jamie hughes 2

It could’ve been so different should Harms have hit double eight for a whitewash set before Hughes has got into gear. But with the pressure off he produced the darts of tournaments, three maximums and a trio of finishes later, Hughes had taken an unlikely lead. Much improved on his plainly poor earlier performances against Madars Razma and Ross Montgomery, Hughes would go on to double his lead in sets.

Hughes conceded his first set after having opportunities to extend his advantage. It is important to say that Welsey Harms played a more than competitive match with consistent scoring and a respectable doubles percentage. jamie hughes zm This would be the only set the Dutchman would get on board despite his performance.

The former Zuiderduin Masters champion continues his scintillating scoring form into set four to regain his two set cushion. Hughes pounced on two missed darts on double for the set, continuing in terrific form on the doubles. As Harms felt the game slipping away, Hughes just powered on with his ruthless doubling. As he broke in the final set Yozza could see the finishing line, two legs for which to wrap up the contest. He applied the finishing touches on double top to achieve his semi final dreams.


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