A ‘New Day’ begins

This morning a new type of daily publication was launched. ‘The New Day’ promises to throw the textbook out of the window and recreate the daily newspaper, but with print sales plummeting among their rivals, this could be a near impossible task.

It will set you back just 50p a read from Monday to Friday although can be picked up for free on launch day and 25p for the following two weeks. Priced considerably cheaper than some of the country’s premier publications gives it the edge, but for someone wanting the basics for a shoestring price, it maybe doesn’t offer the greatest value for money. It will consist of 40 pages with the basics news elements taken from the traditionally Labour supporting, Mirror online.

The initial target audience stated by Alison Phillips suggests they will be aiming the copy at 35-55 year olds, although the vibrant colour-scheme says otherwise. So often newspapers have gone with dull black and white, but using a turquoise masthead may be unintentionally attracting younger readers.

It seems like a ridiculous time to bring out a new newspaper, sales are going into the ground, the Independent has recently announced it will be switching to exclusively online content, and online news services seem to be finalizing their take-over. The demise of the Independent does open up a slight gap in the market, and The New Day hopes to capture this impartial readership. Although this may be difficult without a sniff of online content. Editor Alison Phillips said: “The New Day intended to differentiate itself from the right-leaning Mail or Express with what she described as balanced opinion over sensationalist headlines and copy”. Although balance seems to be a key for the ‘The New Day’ sneaking Mr Cameron onto the front page, conveys a completely different point


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