REVIEW – Oakmere Park Commanders course

Nestled in the beautiful Nottinghamshire countryside, between Mansfield and the land of Robin Hood, stands Oakmere Park Golf course. Consisting of one 18 hole course, 9 hole commanders course and an exceptional driving range, Oakmere is the perfect place to make the transition to the full size courses. Despite consisting of just nine holes, the Commanders course does offer good value for money.oakmere park gc

Before you proceed to rule out playing a course with half the variety of the full size admirals, take into account that you are playing off significantly different length and positions tees, changing the angle, distance, and difficulty of many of the holes, while keeping the par unchanged.

The course offers a competitive price for you golfers looking for a bargain, while maintaining its unblemished fairways and greens. The problem for many big hitters can be the narrowness of fairways, something that I have struggled with myself. But after easing your way in on a simple opening drive, the fairways continue to allow the slight mishap from the tee shot. Trees are there to catch you ball should you slice into the shrubbery, but in all honesty lofting them over, or even through the trees, should not cause players any problem.

Although not pristine the greens are more than acceptable. They are flat and well rolled as you would expect with any club. The sleet from 48 hours previously had no affect on any of the course, with all nine holes being well drained.oakmere park gc 2

If I’m going to split hairs concerning the layout of the course, having a shared fairway does affect the speed of the game. For example if you were stuck on hole 10, and group of four were just beginning their match, them teeing off would mean you could be stuck behind them for the remaining nine holes, not fun when your cowering in a bitter cold wind.

For the more advanced players, the course could prove a stole in the park. Two par three’s in the first five holes, which includes a breathtaking decent towards a dog-leg left, higher calibre players will look to open up the green with their initial shot.

The fairway for hole four is not clearly marked, although this could be explained by the ongoing revamp of the course. Either way a marker or two could come in handy. Following this short par three you arrive at a lengthy par 4, but again provides little in the way of hindrances. A theme that runs throughout the course. The biggest stumbling block comes within the atmosphere, the lack of trees flanking the fairways means keeping your shot low is the easiest way to negotiate the natural hazard.

Overall the course does not provide enough challenge for an advanced player, but is the ideal stepping stone for an intermediate player looking to make the jump. The array of shorter drives gives players the opportunity to practise iron work, while 6/15 gives big hitters a chance to perfect their driving. Nevertheless I would recommend players give this value for money course a chance, and if not, there’s always the Admirals!

Condition of course – 7 Overall judgement – 6

Value for money – 8

Friendliness – 7

Course Layout – 5


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